Thank you….

This flower is a symbol of grattitude to all my supporters and friends online. A speciall thanks to Samantha from throught the eyes of a mother, for nominating me for the inspiring blogger award. Never in a milliion years did I think someone would be inspired by what I am doing; although I post to share my love of photography wiht others and hoped that someone would benefit in some way. Samantha is the author of through the eyes of a mother blog. Visit her site at You’ll be glad you did.

Finally to my sister in law for encouraging me to share my love of photography . Thanks Karyl. Please visit her site at

Thanks again everyone.  Off I go to work on the nomination for most inspiring blog.



2 thoughts on “Thank you….

  1. Wow Luisa! I have so many things to say. First, I love the photo of the flower. Second, it is so nice to like your post and have other likers amongst me! I am so happy your blog is off to a great start. Congrats on your award. You rock! Isn’t blogging fun?!!! 🙂

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