Random decisions

Several days ago I was thinking how my blog has evolved from one about pictures that reflect the simple joys in life. to, oh I don’t know, anything that attracts my heart and soul.  To many it may not fit the definition of “simple joys” the way the world defines it.  But i’ve never comformed to the worlds view.  I am attracted to vibrant colors and the purity of black and white photos.  And guess what, that’s the direction it is starting to go.

Oddly enough, today my sister in law, who by the way has three blogs whith disticnt purposes, spoke with me about perhaps finding a niche or focusing on something specific.  She is a lawyer my training .  Good with words and saying things very diplomatically.  Her intentions were good and her point well taken.  However, after our discussion, I really thought about what she said.  I disagree.   This blog is about capturing what is in my heart and soul. What my eye is drawn to whether it is simple and joyous or not.    Like she said, in so many words, my blog has no real focus.  See for yourself.  Some times the pictures reflects the simple joys of life. LIke the little girl running with the dog ahead of her, kids having fun at birthday party, flowers, and nature. Other times it’ is quite the contrary.  Like the young man playing the piano.  Not what most wouild consider simple joy. At least not in the literal sense of the words.

I  saw it coming.  The change that is.  I started out with one intention and found myself gravitating to something totally different.  Like throwing caution to the wind.  Whatever appealed to my soul.

I can’t seem to stick to one theme and I like the idea of having a title that can mean different things to differnt people.  Honestly the birth of this blog started with the idea of posting pictures of simple random things that brings me joy, but then something strange happen.   I found it more interesting to take pictures of what attracted my heart and soul. It was’t always simple and joyous.  The title, well the way i justify it is that for me simple joys can be anything.  Simply put (no pun intended) this blog is evoloving, a work in progress if you will.  Maybe I will change the title, maybe not.  Who really cares. Just like art.  Its all subjective.  And isn’t that what it’s all about.  That’s what makes it art. It is not static.

Thanks to my sister in law for her always helpful suggestions and for opening my mind to thing creatively and out of the box.  At first I thought, you know she is right, i need to find a niche.  Guess what, I like it just the way it is.  I would love to hear your thoughts but I assure you my mind is made up.

One thing I can assure you, there is another blog in the works. Unlike simple joys, this one promises to be focused with a clear intention.  So stay tuned.