A few words…

To all my followers and others who stop by occassionally.  Thanks for supporting my blog. I ask one favor.  Most of you are rather busy if i where a betting person.  But if you could spare a few minutes to share what you like or dont’ about my photography.  This project turned out to be an experiment where I can post my pictures to create a habit of taken them.  Now I need guidance.  Photography is so subjective, but sometimes, one picture comes across that impacts some many in the same way.  It evokes emotions, feelings and memoris that words can’t expresss.  Some day that is my goal.  It’s probably going to take all of my living years but that is ok.  If I can get that one shot, then life was worth living.  I’ve taken classes and workshop but consider myself self-taught because I have taken off many years.  The passion has just surfaced and now I can’t seem to stop.  Niche, i have none.  Although, I do prefer candid shots.

Tyring to move back to my first love b/w.  Back then it was film.  Have adjustment issues with digital but I will come around. Don’t we artist aways do.




3 thoughts on “A few words…

  1. What I like about your photography is that I can see you in it. There is a freshness and a an unpretentiousness about it. Would it be helpful to you to tell you what I like or don’t like about each one going forward instead of just “liking” it?

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