This is about appreciating the simple things in life. Enjoying the journey. Admiring beauty, elegance and graciousness. And having fun along the way.

My sister-in-law encouraged me to talk a little more about myself. She said people want to know who I am, what I like, why I post what I post. It’s quite simple. I love simplicity, beauty and elegance. Makes this complex world a little more tolerable.

I am a 44 christian trying to find God in all things, people and places. Striving to find the simple yet profound calling in life , to leave a nicer footprint on the world, and in the process change someon’s life for the better.  Finding our purpose is half the battle. The other half is acting on it.

What you see is what you get.  This is my story .  Perhaps a nice smile, or a beutiful flower will bring you hope. It’s simple,  The way it should be.  Nothing more, nothing less.

In loving peace.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello and congratulations for your inspiring blog ! I would like to ask you a question because you are using the theme “forever”. I’m a photographer, and I am having some trouble with it : when I convert to “forever”, all my pictures come out double ! did you have that problem?

    • Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words. I did have the same problem. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how i stopped it. It has to do with the dashboard. Let me play around and get back to you. It’s a simple process and I wish i had written it down. One thing you may want to try is contacting wordpress. They should have a help number or email. I will keep your email on file so when i figure it out, i will let you know. SOrry you are having problems. Hang in there. It’s a good and easy theme once you work out the glitches.

      • hmmm I’m not sure, but when I convert to “standard” in the “format” menu of a new post, the pictures don’t appear in double anymore (even though I find that the side bar is two big) !
        Do you think it’s that which fixed the problem?

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